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Chapter 20.

Change (1)


A lot of things have changed.


During the three months in the world of Circuit, I mean.

It’s also been an entire month in the real world too, so one can only imagine how much things have changed.


Changes also started happening in the major Circuit online communities.

More players have started adventuring, which started the appearances of the ‘named’ players from left and right.


And naturally, many players have gotten easier access to the Magic rank items, therefore the value of ‘Magic’ rank items have dropped a lot compared to before.


Younger people who have been working part time jobs in this world called Circuit have started to leave to go on adventures, and so the NPCs started to fill in for their spots.


In line with these three factors: easily obtainable magic rank items, well organized parties, and the experienced users, the world map began to be explored much faster.


The world map progress percentage which was revealed from the online community was 8.8%.

This was an explosive improvement.

For the last month, no, for the three months in the world of Circuit, this online community was my only way to get news from the outside world.


After all, the only thing I did in this place for three months was torturous training.


It was my first time I have ever had to train my body to the point of my heart almost exploding.

Not to mention the fierce blades from Robin, who is my master, with my entire body.


The difficulty of the training was so intense that one day when I disconnected from the game and went back to the real world, my body was so tense that my shoulders were having muscle spasms.


And so, after going through such intense training, I have changed a bit, no, a lot.


The online community started to get crowded with people due to the various events they started holding, as if they were keeping pace with the changes I went through.

First things first, the word ‘Mose’ had become very difficult to find in online communities.


‘Mose’ was just a common topic that flowed and disappeared very quickly in that huge community.

I felt a little sad inside, but my heart was feeling much lighter.


I lightheartedly looked into the sky.

The sky in this world called Circuit has always been exquisitely covered with clouds like a single canvas.


“Don’t get too excited.

There are a lot of Sworders who have died on their first mission.”


“I’m rather nervous.”


I responded naturally to Khea speaking tongue-in-cheek.


“I heard being nervous is what killed them on their first mission.”


Said Khea, adding to her joke.

I closed my eyes and opened up my mouth with a smile.


“I swear on the blade of Adiath that would never happen.”


Now, I was able to naturally spit out the words that contained the cultures of this place.

The level of the language I spoke in this world was almost at the level I spoke in reality.


“Khea, what is your mission




I lightly teased her while watching her beautiful profile in copper colored skin.


Contrary to her dazzling appearance, the only things I received from her for the last three months of training under the master were sarcastic jokes and teasing.


Khea and I got off at the same time from the back of a huge carriage we were riding on at the intersection of some fields.


“Is it time to say goodbye”


Khea didn’t even look back at my words and showed an impish smile.


“Do you already miss me Aw, aren’t you a little baby whinier than a baby imp”


Her leather armor shimmered particularly even more in the sunlight.


“I hope to see you again alive, at the Sanctuary.”


“I shall ask the truth only to the blade.”


Kea smiled sheepishly at my words, pulled out her sword, placed it in the middle of her body, and bowed her head to me.




Therefore, I also summoned my engraved sword, and took the same pose as she did.


“I shall ask the truth only to the blade.”


And bowed to her as she had already left to disappear beyond the horizon.

The emptiness I felt after her leave reminded me of the day I was discharged from the army.


Keeping my silence, I once again decided to face the changes that had happened to me with my own two eyes.


“Status window.”


[Lee Ki-Ho]

[Nickname: Mose]


Class: Sworder


Lv: 21


Vitality: 2160 / 2160

Mana: 420 / 420


Strength: 52


Health: 43


Speed: 50


Intelligence: 24


Honor: 4,207




[Polorun’s Star] – Health regeneration per second 101


[Polorun’s Star] – Health regeneration in party 43 (Form: Aura, Max range 250M)


Contract Magic – Sharma


Seal of the Sworder – Melee Attack damage increased by 14%


The most standard and ideal method to obtain stat points is through leveling up, but the stats can also be raised through simple physical training.


However, because the act of raising stat through physical training was considered heinous and ignorant, therefore many users decided against the challenge despite knowing this fact.


During my life and death training, when Robin’s blade was swung at my bare body, I avoided them with all of my will to live.


And through that kind of insane movement, I was able to obtain a whopping 3 whole stats quickly.


The result of raising the stats after suffering through such a terrifying experience was placed in front of my eyes.


This was a huge noticeable change even in my own eyes.

I felt like I could even fly with this many status points.


I looked at the ring on the index finger of my right hand with a proud feeling.


The status window that appeared for the item was blazing with flames around it.


[Seal of the Sworder]


Type: Ring

Class: Unique

Effect: Melee Attack damage increased by 14%


This item permanently grants you first class benefits in Asparagan, Pantheon, Tikris, Lowsvan, and Ice-Karavan continents.

(This option is not in effect when unequipped.)


History: Those who swear their lives on swordsmanship, those who carry out their mission while hiding the truth, and those who seek the truth with their blades, deserve this seal.

– ‘Swordmaster’ of the Asparagan Sanctuary Nuah.


This was my greatest achievement from the journey I went through for the past three months.

The fact that I have gotten a rare class, is the best thing I have ever done after deciding to start my career in this game.


Shivers went down through my spine from excitement.


“Right, the quest!”


Finally, it was time for me to review the huge mission I have received to carry out.


Class: S


Investigate the source for the supernatural phenomenons in the farthest northeast side of the Asparagan.


Requesters: The 14 Holy Knights




S Class, this alone told me how ridiculously important this mission is for me.


Fortunately, due to the nature of a Sworder’s missions, the duration of the mission was indefinite until resolved.

And each quest was close to a grand campaign, so by the time I cleared this mission, my level might have reached triple digits.


Most of a Sworder’s missions always required the people carrying out missions to reach the answer on their own with barely presented clues at the beginning.

So the first thing I had to do was simply head to the farthest northeast side of Asparagan.


My master taught me the phrase ‘the only way to get a clue is through experience’.

If I were to gather information as I pass by, someday it will be solved somehow.


Then I suddenly remembered my senior, Kia, who was brutally murdered.

He committed a rather dumb mistake of breaking the rules, because he was excited at the fact that the mission would soon be resolved.

Kia’s case has taught me a valuable lesson.


The mission he had was transferred to a different Sworder in a different post, likewise if I were to fail my mission it would be given out to a different Sworder to finish.

Not that I would ever let that happen.


I looked around my surroundings carefully and threw the portal stone I received from my Master.

And honestly,


I haven’t said that word in such a while.


“To Asparagan!”


Soon, the portal shattered into pieces and an oval shaped portal emerged from the shattered pieces, and I carefully headed towards the portal.



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